Elephant Update: February

Reps. Gina Mosbrucker and Chris Corry schedule a 14th District Virtual Town Hall Meeting, Feb. 25Reps. Gina Mosbrucker and Chris Corry are inviting citizens from the 14th District to join them for a one-hour Virtual Town Hall Meeting, Thursday, Feb. 25 at 6 p.m. to discuss issues related to the 2021 legislative session. “We are now approaching the time of the session where we will be voting on hundreds of bills that … Continue reading Elephant Update: February

Elephant LEGS (Legislative Session Update)

Are you ready for an Income Tax? by Ruth Peterson, Lewis County Republicans, admin assistant to Senator Braun It looks like we will likely have an income tax this year. Whether it makes it through a court challenge or not remains to be seen. But SB 5096 is scheduled to have an executive session on Tuesday in Ways & Means, a hearing that will start … Continue reading Elephant LEGS (Legislative Session Update)

Elephant Alert

The Klickitat County Republicans are aware that Jaime Herrera Beutler’s story about the Capitol riots is becoming more public and more dramatic. Please be alert that Jaime is repeating second hand information, information she was told but did not witness first-hand. She is potentially now a “star witness” for the Democrats. Her time is better spent protecting us from high taxes, unnecessary shutdowns, censorship, and … Continue reading Elephant Alert

Elephant Alert

Feedback or censorship? The double-standard on blatant display. For our astute observers, the Columbia Gorge News chose not to publish our Letter to the Editor that we posted earlier this week. In fairness to the CG News, Kirby Neumann-Rea did offer me an opportunity to re-submit. This is my response: Kirby, I appreciate your initiative in calling me the other day in regards to the … Continue reading Elephant Alert

Elephant Alert: Letter to the Editor

In response to the attacks in the newspaper from Rick George and the Klickitat Democrats, I believe that Rick and his associates are confusing “silence” with their inability to hear us from their echo chamber. As the newly elected Chairwoman of the Klickitat County Republicans, one of my first priorities was to contact Rick to open dialogue to set the example for civil discourse in … Continue reading Elephant Alert: Letter to the Editor