Elephant Alert

Feedback or censorship?

The double-standard on blatant display.

For our astute observers, the Columbia Gorge News chose not to publish our Letter to the Editor that we posted earlier this week. In fairness to the CG News, Kirby Neumann-Rea did offer me an opportunity to re-submit. This is my response:


I appreciate your initiative in calling me the other day in regards to the Letter to the Editor that I submitted as a representative of the Klickitat County Republicans.

After much thought, I have decided not to edit and re-submit our LTE. After reviewing other letters and the article that we were responding to, it would be disingenuous and misleading to submit something that is not truly our opinion, but an edited opinion as dictated by a third party. I have reviewed all my statements, and I stand by them as fact and/or opinion, as allowed by the guidance of the Columbia Gorge News. I cannot substantiate the submissions or opinions of the Klickitat County Democrats as they are responsible for answering for their content, not me.

Your feedback was noted and will be taken into consideration with future submissions.


Lisa Evans

One thought on “Elephant Alert

  1. The letters run, at times, 15-1 for the lefties. Geographically, it’s in the middle of Pyongyang. The owner, Chelsea Marr, is relatively new but consolidating the various papers of that area means extending access for others, especially established groups like the local GOP. I get the feeling Marr’s outlook may not be shared by the daily editor. Just a guess from experience.

    Marr may be somewhat reasonable as I asked her by email some time back if the paper bends to the left and she admitted this is the case. This is actually big stuff in the honesty department for media. Ask the Goldendale (aka White Salmon Sentinel), Yakima Herald (owned by the Seattle Times), the Seattle Times, and the Vancouver Kolumbian, et al, the same and see where you get.

    Some time ago, when it looked like my letter had been stiffed, I asked her to look into it. She said she would run it down and it later appeared. Media opts for the white wine and cheese circuit over the 1st every time as it’s easier and fits with their worldview. Thus far, count me as a token right-winger.

    We’re near where Orwell will be banned. Goodpaster

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