Elephant Alert

The Klickitat County Republicans are aware that Jaime Herrera Beutler’s story about the Capitol riots is becoming more public and more dramatic. Please be alert that Jaime is repeating second hand information, information she was told but did not witness first-hand. She is potentially now a “star witness” for the Democrats.

Her time is better spent protecting us from high taxes, unnecessary shutdowns, censorship, and ridiculous gun control measures. Her current actions do not support the idea that she has our best interests as her priority. To say that we are disappointed in her latest actions is an understatement.

We will continue to share any insight as this story progresses. Until then, we will continue to focus locally on finding, educating, and electing good Republicans. We have a county full of exceptional people; let’s let our voices, and our actions, be louder than Jaime’s.

One thought on “Elephant Alert

  1. The main reason, besides being a never-Trumper and that her political chances are better with the Democrats, is because neither she nor Newhouse were dealt with by the state Republican establishment. She should have been asked to resign and pay back the money given her. As I understand it, another state did just this. The reason why the swamp of this state did not implement any real and significant consequences for her behavior is because they agree with her direction. Do not support her or this crowd on or at any level and withhold any an all support until and unless the upstream liberal Republicans are gone.

    Mike Goodpaster

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